Friday, 12 August 2011

JC this or JC that!

Way too much going on today, at least in my head that is. To start things off, I figured out how to upload my pictures on my blog without making my face look distorted. I have always thought it was my camera but in the end, it was the upload scaling. At one point I even regretted buy my new camera. 
The sun was up and shining, as you can see in most of the pics. But to even the good things out, a tragedy occurred. The shiny things on the JC Tick came loose. I was walking and heard a funny "ticking" sound, lol. One of the round metal things fell out and another came a bit loose. I was soooooo disappointed considering the amount I paid for them. 
Another thing troubling my mind and I need the help of you lovlies to help me out. I want three JC shoes but I can only get one. So right now its a battle between JC Nightwalk, Lita Taupe and What. The three shoes are filling up my head and I feel sad that I can only get one.... 

So what do you beautiful ladies think about my dilemma?

Leopard Boyfriend Blazer: Cotton On/ Top, Jeans & Bag: Thailand/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Tick

Also a BIG shout out to my big brother. 
Today is his birthday and I wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
May this be his best birthday (so far..)
This is my favorite picture of the two of us.
(notice my extremely big baldish head)

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  1. Love the JC's!!
    Think you should get the glitter Litas.They look so cool <3

  2. love your blazer and the shoes!

  3. Love the blazer and the wedges are so stunning. Have a great weekend!

    Fashion Cat

  4. I always loved your previous photo's so I didn't noticed any problems :P
    Anway very rockin' and edgy outfit ;)
    Love those shoes especially!


  5. Very cute outfit + I am in love with the shoes!
    Awh, shame you have to only get one pair, but I've never seen any of them, so I can't give my honest opinion. :(
    Happy birthday to your brother as well! (: Good picture, awh, you guys are so cute! :]

  6. Always go for Litas :D

    And cool outfit, as usual ;)

  7. I like the shirt! :]
    So edgy chic, girl.

    That photo of you and your brother is so adorable!

    I'm following ya now!

    Please follow my blog if you haven't yet and if you can my twitter too! (Viva_La_Breee)

    xoxo, Bree

  8. the 3 of them are really good. im craving for them to. nightwalk is in my top wishlist ;p


  9. awww, such a cute photo! :D

    and when i have that kind of dilemma, what i do is... well, i don't really know either! haha, that's no help, i know. i guess rank them from the one you love the most to the one you like least?

    <3, Mimi

  10. Those JC ticks are awesome - I have been wanting to do a DIY pair of my own with tacks and a pair of wedges. One day!! :)


  11. So cute!! thank you very much for visiting my blog! so I could find yours. I do like your style girl!so gorgeous!! Following!
    Kisses!!Olaya B

  12. Since you know how much I love JC's shoes, I would have the same problem:-) I feel for you girl!
    Ask Erena

  13. I love how sassy that leopard print blazer makes everything.
    And those JCs are so va va voom!

    Love it, K.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    absorbing optimistic rays

  14. hot blazer! I wanted to get it too bt didnt have my size
    sure lets follow eachother if u want:D me following already

  15. dying over your blazer so cool!!
    i'm sorry about your JC!!!!
    happy bday to your brother! :)
    precious photo :)

  16. Really nice, the outfit is great! take a look...

  17. totally in love with your JC ! JC always look great and gorgeous <3

  18. such a lovely outfit! cute bag :) and I think I love the JC Lita Taupe shoes the most!

  19. I love the blazer and the wedges are amazing... I love love love your hair...

  20. i have the same problem regarding the pic...i too thought its because of my camera and im planning to buy a new one.... can u plz help how can i change the scale thing????tht's be appreciated..