Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ashbury Skies

As you lovelies might already know by now, I have an addiction for shoes and every time I have nothing better to do, I go online and look for shoes. I can go on for hours popping from one site to another just staring at shoes. This is how I came across Ashbury Skies - a new online store that offer shoes from different brands including shoes designed exclusively for them. The best part about this website is the SALE section where they offer all the shoes there for just $99. If you lovelies haven't checked it out yet, you should definitely head over to their site and look through all the shoes. I can guarantee that you'll find a pair or two that you'll fall in love with :)

I was super excited when I received my package. These shoes looks even more gorgeous in person than the pictures and the first thing I did was try them on and they are freaking comfortable. I was kinda worried about the Dolce Vita Jemma since the platforms are not that high but even without it, its is really comfortable and easy to walk in. The lovely Mary Sue of Ashbury Skies sent me the Messeca Coraline and I have no words for it. This pair is just so beautiful and I can't decide which part I love the most- the shiny blue velvet or the gold heel. I'm really looking forward to doing an outfit post on them so stay tuned. Till then I hope you lovelies have a wonderful rest of the week.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Laces and Roses

These pictures were taken in Bangkok and I was suppose to post this up a few days ago but so many things came up towards the end which made it impossible. Now I'm finally home. I got here early this morning and I wanted to fly back to Bangkok right after I got out of the flight since it was freezing cold. Even though the weather out here is getting much warmer, I'm going to miss all my dresses and shorts and I cannot wait for summer to come. 

This was one of my dresses I found lying around in my old clothes pile. I hadn't worn this for the longest time so decided to take it Bangkok and wear it there. I love dresses with back details and the only reason why I bought this dress was because of its back.

Anyway, I'm planning on having a giveaway very soon so please stay tuned :)

Dress, Shoes, Belt & Necklace: Thailand/ Watch: Gucci/ Bracelet: Mom's

Monday, 20 February 2012

Golden Shades

This would be my all time favorite jumpsuit that I own and I still can't believe that I got this for less than $10. The reason why I love it so much is the way the materiel feels, how its tight from the top but lose from the bottom, the low back and also the length of the pants is just perfect for my height. Since you lovelies know that I'm here in Bangkok and only decided to bring my Litas and DMS from home so I had to borrow my baby sister's ballet flats which surprisingly fit me quite well. The jumpsuit being between the greenish golden shade, I decided to accessorize with a lot of gold but kept it simple by just carrying my simple Chanel purse. 

Jumpsuit, Shoes & Necklace: Thailand/ Bracelet: Aldo/ Purse: Chanel/ Watch: Gucci/ Earring: Mom's

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Recent Buys

Some of the items I bought recently and obviously it usually ends up being shoes and bags. Actually I've been looking for the perfect black pumps but came across these two and couldn't nor could my Mom decide which color to get so ended up getting both. The bag was just so cute to resist. All these buys under less than $80. Score!!! :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Love And Hate

This outfit is a little more casual than the ones I usually post and a lot more comfortable too. I have a love -hate relationship with this sweater. Even though the style and the big heart in front attracts me to it, whats written at the back really spoils it for me. And because of that, I've never worn this that much. I think this would be my second time wearing it. Also featuring my DMS for the first time and to be honest, I really didn't like this shoe at first. For me it looked more like a gum-boots. Before I bought this for myself, I had actually bought one for my girlfriend and I really didn't get why people would actually wear it. If it wasn't for the time and place, I wouldn't have bought this shoe and would have rather got myself another pair of JCs. But now that I own it and have been wearing it for quite sometime, I'm starting to get fond of it. 

Anyway, I hope you lovelies have a wonderful weekend and you'll be hearing from me very soon :)

Sweater & Shorts: Thailand/ Shoes: Dr.Martens/ Watch: Gucci

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Taupe Effect

Finally here in Bangkok and I'm loving it. The weather here even though a bit hot is just perfect for me. I couldn't wait to strip down right after we landed and get into my dresses. Oh! how I wish it was summer back home. This dress I got it a long time ago but just didn't have a place and time to wear it. The reason I guess because its a bit short to my liking. I found it while going through my old clothes before I left and decided to wear it here since I've never worn it before. Also my first outfit post featuring my Lita Taupe and you lovelies will probably see these shoes more often since its one of the only pair I brought here.

Btw, Happy Valentines Day to all you lovelies. I hope you had a wonderful day with your loved ones :)

Dress: Thailand/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Taupe via Solestruck/ Watch: Gucci/ Sunnies: Ray Ban
Earring&Bracelets: gift from Mom