Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Colorful Afternoon!

Have you been through those moments when nothing comes to your head? Currently stuck in one of those and can't get out. So I leave you lovelies with this outfit post, which was taken during the weekend. The day was one of Hobart's finest so far and I was not planning on staying inside. Decided to go on a long walk on the beach and the sweater was perfect for the temperature. The moment I got it I knew I was going to pair it with the green pants and even though I was bit unsure about it, thought it came out pretty well. 
Its been stressful as the semester is ending and the stress level will be escalating till the very end. Its weird to say that its going to be calmer during the exam times but at this moment, that's exactly how it feels like. 
Anyhow, I hope you lovelies had a stress-free week and enjoy the coming weekend.

Sweater & Bag: Dotti/ Pants: Thailand/ Shoes: Jessica Buurman/ Scarf: Sportsgirl/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/
Necklace: Lovisa

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Luv and Sparkles

Before I jump into bed, I wanted to show you lovelies what I have been upto yesterday. a friend of mine's sister came down to visit us from Melbourne so we've just been busy showing her around. Even though it was a bit chilly, the weather decided to behave for once. We took her to Salamanca "the Saturday market" which I think I mentioned before. We decided to get some breakfast there and then walk over to the Peace Festival that was happening near the wharf area. The festival was a small international gathering which showcased different dances from other parts of the world. Stalls were also set up serving various cuisines. 
To end with, the absence of smoke detectors in our house allowed us to play with sparkles which was quite fun. We attempted to write something nice but since we ran out of sparkles, "luv" was the only three letter word that came to our minds. 

I hope you lovelies had an awesome weekend!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Knotting and Running!

These past few days have been really busy for me, trying to finish assignments and staying at Uni till 2am in the morning continuously. I have been practically living at Uni and seem to spend more time here than at home. This week has been the busiest week for this semester and the sun decides to show right when I am stuck in front off a computer 24/7. Its been amazingly warm that I don't remember it being like this for a very long time. Ironic that the weather is nice when I am forced to stay inside with the overwhelming work load.

Anyway, this is the dress that I bought a few weeks ago from Factorie for $4.95. Sweet Deal. This is one of the few maxi-dresses that fits my height. I decided to tie the knot (pun not intended) to give it a bit of "different" look and it doesn't get in the way when I'm running up and down the stairs in the library looking for the right book. Don't quite know how to describe this style. I decided to top it up with my leather jacket from Dotti which I absolutely love. To be honest, I think this is the only quarter-sleeved jacket that I actually wear and love so dearly. The shoes are a gift from Jessica Buurman, its on sale at the moment so you should definitely check her website out!

I finally have an Twitter account but I'm still at the learning/ frustration stage and I don't know why I'm mentioning this. If any of you lovelies what to add me its @RaindropsofRed. I would have put the "follow" tab to make everyone's life much easier but I don't have the intellectual resources to pull through at this stage.

Ummm, bit wordy ain't it?

Leather Jacket: Dotti/ Maxi Dress: Factorie/ Shoes: Jessica Buurman/ Watch: Gucci/ Necklaces: Diva

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What... Is at my doorstep??

Before I actually get back to writing my history essay (which I absolutely hate), I would like to show you lovelies what I actually got from Solestruck. This shoe, JC What, made my day. Its way more awesome than the pictures on the website and even these pictures just don't do it justice. Right after, I opened the box.. it was love at first sight. I was really happy that I made the right choice and stuck with my gut feeling. I was so confused the week before I had to pick a shoe. 
Again, I would like to thank all you lovelies who voted for me. This wouldn't have been possible without your help. Also, a big thank you to Solestruck for having this competition. 

Now, I'm uber excited to wear them at the same time, I'm so worried that I might spoil them and don't want to wear them at all. BIG dilemma!!

Its the end of the semester and assignments are piling up and the shoe arrived while I was typing away. Even with the overwhelming magnitude of assignments due, not a single F@ck was given for the next 10 hours. 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

I stole these boots from IRON MAN

Most of the time I usually wear my outfit and then choose the shoes but yesterday, I had to dress around my boots. I thought it was going to rain and since these boots are pretty hardcore, decided to put them on. One thing about this pair is that they not only look tough, but also make me feel tough.
Puddle on the road? Not a problem. Spider on the road? Road Kill..
I hadn't worn them for a almost a year so I was worried that there might be some bugs inside. Had to do a thorough check before I was convinced it was bug-free. I think one of the reason why I stopped wearing them was that it made my feet look big even though it fits perfectly and also, after I got my tiny "Mr. Bean" car, I didn't have to walk in the rain anymore :)

Anyway, this coming week is going to be so busy for me. I have two major assignments due so I'll probably be missing most of my classes. I might not be able to post regularly but will definitely try my best.  

I hope all of you lovelies have a wonderful day tomorrow. I'm going to be glued to my laptop all day trying to write as much words as possible for my assignment.    

Cardi: Valleygirl/ Top: JayJays/ Skirt: Supre/ Stockings: Target/ Boots: Timberland/ Necklace: Jaspal/
Bag: Mulberry Alexa/ Sunnies: Ray ban Wayfarer

PS: I'm having a "style competition" on my Facebook page for my Facebook readers but all you lovelies are more than welcome to join. The more the merrier :)
For more info, please check out Facebook page HERE!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Spell check for name...

This post was suppose to be posted yesterday but apparently, there was a network outage in the area I live in so my internet just stopped working. I had to be the one to talk to the service providers because none of my housemates were home. After being here for 3 years I still have a hard time understanding the Australian accent so communicating was a bit comical. To start things off the lady on the other end of the line couldn't get my name. After repeating it a few times I decided to spell it out so this is how it went:  "K for King, E for Egg...A for Apple" and guess what, I ended up spelling my name wrong... which made me feel so stupid.

Even after all that, the internet still didn't get fixed.. she didn't know what was wrong and just told me to keep checking it from time to time. Its finally working (obvious!) and I'm really glad. Being without the internet for about 21 hours felt so weird. It made me realize that I probably won't be able to live without the internet. Bit extreme, but probably true... WOW!!~

Jumper: Supre/ Skirt: Cotton On/ Shirt and Bag: Thailand/ Boots: Bhutan/ Sunnie: Ray Ban Wayfarer/
Casio Watch: Monkeyswag/ Accessories: eQUIP

Monday, 12 September 2011

Birthday Weekend

This weekend was just awesome because of my birthday, even though it was on Sunday, things started off on Saturday. One of my best friend who is like a sister to me came down to visit for the weekend. We started off my birthday weekend by first getting something to eat in BarCelona and then like every other girl, went shopping right after that. I didn't buy anything which is kind of shocking to think about it now. But then I already got a Sequin dress from Asos which I paired with my Ciara heels from Wittner.

The plan was to go see "jelly-wrestling" on saturday night and then go clubbing. I was pretty exited for the jelly wrestling because I was expecting some bad ass moves we see on TV, but sadly it wasn't... kinda disappointing as it was more like a play where the actors were playing around in a tub full of jelly. Living with three guys clubbing is usually not on the weekend agenda especially now that they got  a new pool table. So to go dancing with a girl friend was a nice change of scene and the surprising thing was that the guys decided to tag along. On the dance floor someone kept on farting and for some odd reason the loud music and the smoke machines seemed to amplify the smell. After a while, we had to leave since it was unbearable!

Sunday, my actual birthday was more relaxed as we cooked a nice brunch and didn't leave the house till the evening. Went out for coffee, had an average-tasting dinner and came home for the cake cutting ceremony. 

So overall I had an awesome birthday weekend with my best friends and would have been perfect if my family could be here as well. This will also be the last time I celebrate my birthday in Australia and was definitely the BEST birthday so far. 

Blazer: Esprit/ Jeans: Thailand/ Boots: Kelsi Dagger from Revolve/ Bag: Gucci