Monday, 28 January 2013

Turn Back Time

Looking at these pictures makes me wish that I never left Bangkok. I got home day before and it's freezing out here. I've been in two to three layers of clothing and haven't left my room since then.. yes, that's how cold it is. Even walking around the house in two pairs of thick socks feels like I'm walking on ice. I have no idea how a month in Bangkok past by so fast and I just wish I could turn back my time. Now all I can do is try to brace myself from the cold freezing weather which is something I'm so not looking forward to :/

Dress: Factorie (DIY)/ Boots: Hong Kong/ Sunnies: Just Jeans/ Belt: Thailand

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Stripe It Or Spike It

These Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike in Pink is one of my favorite from all the JCs I own. But being here in Bangkok at the moment and deciding to bring only two pairs from home, I've realized that it's really hard to put an outfit around these shoes. That is what I do.. I think most people decide on an outfit and then the shoes but it's always been the opposite for me. I guess that's why I've always been the "shoe and bag" girl. I think the reason why it's hard to wear an outfit around these shoes are because of the pink colors. The pink is so bright and shiny that it ends up clashing with the other colors in my outfit. 

Do you lovelies start with the outfit and then to the shoes or the other way around just like me?? :)

Sweater: Sportsgirl/ Shorts: H&M/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruck 

Friday, 18 January 2013


As you lovelies can see from the picture above, that's not how I usually pose for a picture but somehow that day with that outfit, I was a lil more hyper than usual. No idea if it's the outfit or the day itself but whatever it was, it felt good and different. The whole time when my baby sister was trying to take the pictures, I just couldn't stop jumping around. For the first time she actually had to calm me down because it's usually the other way around. It's her whose always all pumped up ordering me around on how I should pose and where I should look at. To think about it, her orders actually takes the "camera shy" out of me (if that makes any sense). There were more funny/ weird/ wild pictures from that day but I had to delete those since it was lil inappropriate to put it up on my blog :) 

Outfit: Thailand/ Boots: Hong Kong/ Watch: Gucci

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Crazy Beautiful

These are some of the pictures from Beginning Boutique's latest lookbook called "Crazy Beautiful". All their lookbooks are different from the ones of most other online stores.. It's so fun to look at and the way they put the outfits together just makes you want to be the one to wear them. This lookbook encaptures innocence and youthfulness with a playful, fun tone. The styling bounces between casual & relaxed looks ideal for hot summer afternoons, versus sexy glamour, for when the volume needs to be turned up at night time. 

Beginning Boutique is one of the online stores that makes me want to buy almost everything from there. From the accessories to clothes to shoes are all so stylish, it's hard to pick which one you want. Going through their website, it makes me sad because I'm not in Australia anymore and without my credit cards. For those of you lovelies who do and love online shopping, you must check out this store HERE and at the moment, they are having an 20% off storewide for just 48hrs so hurry. Use the code '20OFF' on your orders. HAPPY SHOPPING ladies :)

Friday, 11 January 2013

My Coat Of Many Colors

This colorful vintage jacket that once belonged to my mama is one of my most favorite and the most colorful item in my closet. My mama when she was young had an awesome collection of clothes, bags and shoes (not that she doesn't at the moment!) and I just wish she hadn't given most of it away. It makes me very sad whenever I go through her old pictures. Even though she does have a few pairs of her shoes, I'm a size bigger than her so that goes to a waste. But I'm glad that I did go through whatever is left of hers and found this jacket which now I absolutely love. The material is so soft and smooth which makes it perfect for hot summer weather. This jacket always reminds me of Joseph and his coat of many colors, a story I grew up hearing in school thus the title of this post :)

Jacket: Vintage/ Dress: Supre/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell/ Ring: YSL via Net-A-Porter
Earrings: Karigari, India

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Little Black Dress

I've had this little black dress for the longest time now but I don't know why I haven't ever done a outfit post on it. I guess it's because I've only worn this when I go out at night with friends. Where I'm from, it's a bit too short and reveling to wear it during the day that's why I found this lying in the corner behind all my other clothes. Anyway, forget about about this LBD, I want to talk about the boots. This belongs to my baby sister. She got it from her recent trip to Hong Kong and I'm so proud that she's growing up to be a fashionista. I thought she would grow up to have a different sense in style but now I can see that our choices are almost similar which I totally love.

Dress: Supre/ Boots: Hong Kong/ Sunnier: Just Jeans/ Watch: Gucci/ Earrings: Thailand

Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Beginnings, New Shoes

A month before new years I received my long awaited package full of new shoes waiting to be worn. That was the best day so far because I waited so long for those to arrive and when it did, it was just perfect, I couldn't wait so I actually tried to put them on all at the same time. As you lovelies can see, all of the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell except for the Jessica Simpson Dany and by now you may know that I'm a lil obsessed with JC shoes. And the reason to this lil obsession of mine is because it meets all the categories to the description to the perfect shoe... Height: tick, Comfort: tick, Style: tick. What more can I ask right? On the other hand, the Jessica Simpson Dany heels actually has a whole different story to it which I will tell you lovelies next time. Anyway, the two pairs on the last picture below are the ones I'm not that impressed with so I've decided to sell them and buy another style in JC that I would really wear. Good idea eh :)

Btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR my lovelies!!! I know I'm a few days late but it's still a new year and I wish you all the happiness and love and hope you have an amazing 2013.