Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I See Through You

Recently I've been going crazy over anything transparent. So when I found this bag in H&M, that too on sale I had to get my hands on it. This bag ticked off everything on my perfect bag category; the size, the design and even the weight of it.. It's so simple yet so chic like it was made for me. About the shoes, I have no words for it. I am so in love with these beauties sent to me by Jessica Buurman that this has become my favorite shoe from the bunch. I can't seem to stop wearing them every time I go out and what better way to wear these than with my 'see through' bag. 

Sweater: Hong Kong/ Jeans: Levis/ Bag: H&M/ Shoes: Jessica Buurman/ Earrings: Mom's

Friday, 15 February 2013

Layering And Proportions

I love it when I see people layer their clothes so nicely during these cold winter weather but every time I think of doing it, I just feel weird about how I'll look. I'm not saying I don't do layers because I do.. alot but it's always wearing something fitting and I never show what I'm wearing inside (if that makes any sense). But here I tried something different and I thought it didn't look so bad until I saw these pictures. Looking at these pictures, I think my body proportion looks a bit weird.. The upper part looks so much bigger than the rest of the body but I guess that's how it's suppose to be right.. or is it??? LOL

Sweater: Hong Kong/ Denim Shirt: Thailand/ Leggings: Cotton On/Watch: Casio/Ring: YSLInspired/

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

All About My Booties

If you lovelies follow me (@keschen) on Instagram, you probably have seen how excited I got and posted a picture of these the day I got them. These beauties were waiting for me at home, one of the reason why I was so eager to get back from my trip to Thailand. A big thanks to Jessica Buurman, these inspired booties are now mine and I can't wait to do an outfit post on them. I was actually a bit worried at first on whether these would be comfortable because of it not having any platforms but once I tried them on, I had nothing to worry about. About the quality of the shoes, I don't even want to mention it because all the shoes from Jessica Buurman have always impressed me immensely. So instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on the actual designer, why not go for the inspired ones and to purchase one of these, click HERE and HERE.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pinch Of Color

A bit late in posting these pictures which were taken during my last few days in Bangkok. This outfit was put around my two favorite items I got while I was there, the Celine Boston Mini and the Jeffrey Campbell Dina. My darling Mama decided to surprise me with the Celine bag the very same day I bought the JC Dina so you lovelies can imagine how excited and awesome that day was for me. From what I remember, the rest of the day was spent staring at my new babies :)

Shirt & Leggings: Thailand/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Dina via Villains SF/ Bag: Celine/ 
Accessories: India

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

This Is LOVE

Celine Boston Mini/ Studded Clutch/ H&M Transparent Bag/ Cambridge Satchel/ Jeffrey Campbell Dina

These are all the items I bought on my recent trip to Bangkok. As you can see, 4 out of 5 are bags.. The reason behind that is I own about more than 100 pairs of shoes so my mom doesn't allow me to buy anymore but I did manage to buy a pair of one of my favorite brand, Jeffrey Campbell. Even though this time I didn't do a lot of shopping, I ended up getting most of the items I've been wanting for a very long time like the Celine Boston and the Cambridge Satchel so I'm more than happy :)

Which ones your favorite??