Monday, 31 March 2014

Casual Glam

Owning about more than 100+ shoes, I've now decided to wear every single pair of them everyday because I've realized that I don't wear most of the shoes and it's a weird thing to say this but I kinda did feel bad for the shoes that I don't wear. Anywho, this Valentino inspired heels from Jessica Buurman has been one of my favorites but I just didn't know how to put an outfit together with it. I just knew I wanted to wear these heels so picked an casual outfit without even thinking twice and it worked. It's funny to say but when I think about it, I love the outfits that I put together without even thinking.. It turns out to be much better than outfits that I really think about and change about a million times. 

Sweater: Dotti/ Jeans, Sunnies & Necklace: Thailand/ Shoes: Jessica Buurman
Watch: Casio via MonkeySwag/ Earrings: Forever21

Monday, 24 March 2014

Golden Black

I love how this outfit came together, has to be in my opinion the best I've ever dressed. 
All black, my favorite and took only a minute to put together. 
A simple sweater, add in sexy shoes and stunning accessories takes the look to a whole new level.

Sweater dress: Supre/ Shoes: Jessica Buurman/ Bag & Sunnies: Thailand

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Beauty Of Pearl

I bet all you lovelies when you first see these heels, Kim Kardashian comes to mind because that's exactly who I thought of when I first laid my eyes on these gorgeous heels from Jessica Buurman. I don't even have words to describe how amazing these heels are from the details of the pearls to the comfort level. So excited spring is here so that I can create more outfit wearing these beauties. 

Simply love the heels so much that I tried to keep the outfit simple so that the shoes stand out. Do you lovelies think it worked? 

Sweater: Thailand/ Leggings: Cotton On/ Shoes & Sunnies: Jessica Buurman/ Earrings: Karigari, India

Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Love For Blazers

As you lovelies can tell from the tittle of this post, my obsession for blazers is still on. It all started back in 2009 when I was in Australia, I don't know how or when or even why but all I can tell is that I haven't stopped buying them ever since. It doesn't matter what color, pattern or stye; as long as it's a blazer, I need to have it. I personally think it's a piece of clothing that is necessary for every girl to have. It's incredible how a simple blazer can change your whole outfit by making it chic, girlie, boyish or even rock depending on the rest of the outfit. I absolutely love how you can dress it up or even dress it down especially when you go through days where you have no idea what to wear; just put on a blazer with a simple tank and jeans and volia, you'll look fabulous. Agree??

Whole Outfit: Local stores in Thailand/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruck

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Winter Perfect

I'm so glad it's starting to get a little warmer here in Bhutan and I can finally get rid of all those thick layers I had to cover myself in. I own a lot of sweater dresses; because for a person who hates wearing jeans and just lives on leggings and stocking during winters, it's perfect. This outfit is a little dull compared to the beautiful weather but I was just excited to wear the sweater dress which I haven't been able to wear ever since I got it and also find a shoe that actually goes with it. 

Sweater Dress & Bag: Thailand/ Shoes: Zara/ Stockings: Hong Kong/ Earrings: Karigari, India

Friday, 7 March 2014

Wild Spirit

I don't think I got so many comments than wearing this "puffy"jacket as I call it which actually belongs to my baby sister. Some of these comments include that I look like a sheep or a dog or even a bear. I don't blame any of these people because when I first saw my sister wearing this; I had the same thoughts in my head. I remember saying to myself "I'm never going to wear this" and here I am going against myself in the name of fashion, being a wild spirit that I am (No, I'm not). Jokes apart, this jacket looks really warm and it is.. And it's just perfect for a gloomy cold depressing weather like it was that day.  

Jacket: Hong Kong/ Jeans: Mango/ Top & Bag: Thailand/ Shoes: Dolce Vita/ Sunnies: Just Jeans