Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Can't touch this!

I usually don't wear harem pants since I'm short and I feel like it makes me look even shorter. But this summer I was in love with these pants after I bought one and found it just too comfy. Perfect for days where you don't feel like dressing up and can just slip into one and still look dressed.

I actually bought these harem pants becuase of the leopard print of-course since by now, you might know that I'm kinda CRAZY about leopard prints. The only thing I hate about this harem pants is the  wide pockets. I feel like it makes my legs looks big.

The top, I love.. I have been looking for something similar for so long that when I saw it, I couldn't resist! 
After wearing this outfit, I felt like dancing to the MC Hammer song "Can't touch this" :)

In one of the pictures below, my beautiful golden retriever named "Morap" which means beautiful also decided to pose for the camera.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Notice the Message...

Have been wearing dresses and shorts since I've left Australia and I loved every bit of it. 
But yesterday, was in the mood to wear either leggings or jeans. The leggings I'm wearing is one of my favorite becuase of the color, the print and mostly because its comfy. I think I've worn it so many times that my mom always asks me to wear something else. 

Since there is nothing much to do around here and the Summer Basketball Tournament is the only "big" thing happening. I went to watch some of the games but was bored half way through. Somehow, maybe, its becuase its just the qualifying round and the teams weren't that great. 

PS: Say no to drugs and don't litter!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Night Light


This is the first time I took pictures at night. I met up with some friends for coffee and after that we drove to this place "echo point" where you can see the perfect view of Thimphu town. Since all of us friends have dslr cameras, we wanted to try it out. 
Other than the flashes, it was fun.. trying to scare ourselves in the dark :)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

a touch of PINK~

My baby sister have been working really hard and have been very busy due to her examinations. So we decided to take a break and go out for a drive. We came across this view and my baby sister who just loves taking pictures started doing her job.. :)

Less than 2 weeks at home and I don't want to leave. Even though I want to see my love, my other half sooo bad....... 
I'm in LOVE with the weather here.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The power of Green!

So the day before my family decided to spent the day at this park. It was actually my baby sister and little cousin who wanted to go play at the park. 
I've driven through this park a lot of times but have never been to it. My mom and me were pretty impressed since its was our first time. The park was lovely, you could walk around the park next to a river and there were little gazebos where you could sit and have small picnics.

This day was actually perfect...the warmth from the sun and the cool breeze from the riverside.

I think that wearing dresses esp. maxi dresses can be a lil too simple since you can't style them with anything except for accessories. But no matter how much I love accessories, I can never wear a lot of it all together. Its weird but I'm never comfortable wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings all together. For me its more like if I end of wearing necklaces and bracelets, I keep it simple with the earrings and the rings...

Here I tried to keep it a bit simple by just accessorizing the dress with just the arm bracelet. I think the color of dress was more than enough and didn't want to look "too much" by wearing a bold accessories. 

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Out and About :)

 After few days of just staying at home doing nothing, decided to push myself out of the house and go meet up with some friends..(Yes, I know I'm that lazy)! Also I finally got my new Canon 1100D (Kiss X50 model) so I had to try it out. Not really into going through all the manual book so just decided to take a lot of pictures and figure it out myself. 
Here are some of the pictures I took, not that great but I'm learning ;)

Saturday, 11 June 2011


If you ask anyone from Thimphu what there is to do here, you are most likely to hear "nothing". Even though Thimphu is a beautiful place, it can get quite boring sometimes. 
Most of my day is spent either taking my baby sister out for some snack or with friends at a cafe. But I'm not complaining... I love it out here.. everything about it: the scenery, the quietness, the weather. 

The jumpsuit I'm wearing, I absolutely LOVE. 
I can't decide on which part of this jumpsuit is so fun to wear: the color of it, the way its is fitting on top and a loose on the bottom or the back (can't be seen in the pictures) which is kinda backless with two knots???. 
Since my size was sold out, I got the one size bigger anyway.. and got it fixed after that.


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