Monday, 29 October 2012

Of Sparkles And Spike

These are one of my most favorite shoes that I have received from Jessica Buurman. Why you may ask? It's obviously because of the spikes and the fact that it's heel-less. After my short trip to Bangkok, I come home to see this package waiting for me and it just made my day. I couldn't be more happier and excited to rip it open and try it on. The only heel-less shoes that I have are the Jeffrey Campbell nightwalks and I must say that these Giuseppe Zanotti inspired booties are just as comfortable as the nightwalks. I'm not sure what some of you lovelies might think about this shoe but for me, it's just prefect and that is why I'm out of words and don't really know what else to say. I guess all I can say is that I'm really really in love :) 

The actual Giuseppe Zanotti Gaga Spike Heel-less Booties cost about a little more than USD $3000 and these inspired booties are less than the quater of the price at just AUD $189. It's available in Gold and Silver so if any of you ladies are interested in purchasing, click HERE.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Birds And Sculptures

These was taken during my trip to Bangkok. It was the only time I got off to take some pictures since most of the time was spent running from one hospital to another. This time the trip was short which was good because I wanted to get away from home but at the same time wanted to go back home while I was there.. if that makes any sense. Anyway, for the first time ever I travelled with almost an empty suitcase and came back home not even half filled. Yes, I did shop and ofcourse it was only shoes that I bought and this dress that I'm wearing. The reason why I got this dress was because of the prints and that I got it for only 150 baht which is about $5. Pretty good deal eh??

Dress, Bag & Accessories: Thailand/ Shoes: Lipstik Shoes/ Watch: Gucci

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Trip In Pictures

I'm not sure if you lovelies are following me on Instagram but if you aren't, these pictures are all from there and all taken during my short trip to Bangkok, Thailand. From left to right is how it began.. These pictures are all from what I wore to what I ate to what I bought to what I saw. And if you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is keschen :)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Casual Bulls**t

Something more casual than what I usually wear. This is another pair of my little sister's comfortable jeans from Zara. The top too belongs to her, a perfect example of why it's so awesome to have a little sister whose as tall as you are. I decided to wear my Keds for a change since I had to do alot of walking that day and being comfortable to me is more important than looking fashionable.. not that I don't try to look good while being comfy. Also, I realized the reason why I don't put up many blog posts wearing flats is because I look short in most pictures and I've tried many different angles to make myself look a little taller in the pictures but nothing has worked.. I've come to a conclusion that I am short and there's nothing I can do to change that, lol. Anyway, I think this is my first time talking so much bulls**t in one post :)

Top & Bag: Thailand/ Jeans: Zara/ Shoes: Keds/ Watch: Gucci

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Gold Rush

A quick post before I get too lazy and decide to postpone posting this again for tomorrow. It's a same old story for me every time.. Whenever I feel lazy, I've loads of pictures to put up and whenever I'm full of energy and feel like writing a blog post, I just don't have any new pictures. Anyway since I haven't been regular on my blog, I've now decided to do a post everyday until I finish posting up all my new pictures that I have in my laptop. So I hope you lovelies don't get sick of my posts :)

Here I'm wearing my gold pencil skirt that I bought a long time ago but just didn't know what to wear it with. I'm not the type who likes wearing long skirts especially quater length but the reason behind buying this skirt was the material. I just fell in love with the shiny, gold, stretchy material. Anyway, all I can say about this whole outfit is that I don't think I've ever matched my outfit this much in my life.. I like it but at the same time, it feels a lil weird. What do you lovelies think?

Top & Skirt: Thailand/ Shoes: Roberto/ Clutch: Hong Kong/ Earrings & Rings: Gift from Mom