Friday, 29 July 2011

Tiny hearts dripping..

When I woke up early this morning.. Ok, it wasn't that early. It was around 10am but that is early for me. Anywhoo, I was excited to wear my relatively new Jeffrey Campbell Tick with my mom's vintage top. But sadly, it was drizzling and was pretty gloomy so I decided to change my whole outfit because I didn't want my toes to get wet. I know it sounds a bit weird but somehow, I hate the 'wet feeling' on my feet. 

Right after I changed into this outfit, it stopped drizzling and the sun decided to show its face. I seriously hate when that happens. I have no idea why but this happens to me every single time. When it looks warm outside, I decide not to take a jacket and right after I leave my house.. it gets fff-ying cold. And when its cold outside, I decide to wear lots of layers and I get roasted by the sun. 
Another episode of my never-ending war with weather.

Does this happen to anyone of you? 

If yes, please tell me becuase I feel that I'm the only one getting picked on by the weather.

Boyfriend Blazer: Jaspal/ Blouse: Cotton On/ Shorts, Bag, Accessories: Thailand/ Watch: Gucci/
Stockings: Asos/ Shoes: BigW

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A freaking delightful day

Today was one of my good days. From the time I woke up, everything went pretty smooth… just the way I wanted. I got my results for my exams that I did a few weeks ago. I was really worried because I felt that the exam didn’t go too well but the results however were much better than I expected. That was a good start to my morning. Also, I came in contact with my long lost friend on facebook. It had been over 10 years since I’ve last seen her so you can imagine how happy I was.

To celebrate the beautiful day, my other half got me a chocolate truffle cake which was freaking delightful. 

To tell you the truth, I actually did not like what I was wearing today.  So here is how it happened…

I decided to wear a dress and I also wanted to keep warm. The result? A long warm woolen sweater on top of a long dress.  Went out, took some pictures, went to my class, came home and ate some cake. So after all the fun activities, I looked at the pictures taken. That was when I found out something was not quite right. Couldn’t put a finger on it but didn’t care.
Why you might ask?.... because it was a FREAKING DELIGHTFUL DAY!!!

Dress, Sweater & Necklace: Thailand/ Bag: Mulberry/ Shoes: JC Litas

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Candy Warmth

 I find it really hard to shop here in Australia, whether in stores or online. And being here in Hobart makes it even worse since Hobart is a tiny place and there's only a few shopping malls. The fewer stores makes it harder to find clothes in my size. Every time I see something really cool and awesome, I try to look for my size and its gone.. there are sizes above but the smaller sizes are always sold out. Sometimes the smallest sizes are also a little too big for me. Its a big disappointment that's why I end up not going shopping at all.

This is the first boyfriend blazer that I bought and one of my "lucky finds". It was the last piece in the whole store and it was my size and on sale. I've been so crazy about these blazers that I have about 6 others in different colors. I don't know what it is about them that every time I see one, I just want to buy it. The sweater is from a thrift store back home and I just love the color of it.. 
reminds me of a cotton candy.

Boyfriend Blazer: Cotton On/ Sweater: Thrift Store/ Stockings & Socks: Ebay/ 
Shoe & Necklace: Thailand/ Bag: Gucci

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Skulls and Leopards

You know those days when you just don't feel like dressing up and feeling pretty is just not in the to-do list. Yes! I was going through that moment when I found out it was also a bad hair day. And thats when the hat comes into play :)

Me and Hats don't get along. I think its because of my extremely HUGE head which holds my small semi-huge brain. Every time I see someone with a really cute bowler hat or even a knitted beanie, I feel like getting one too. And when I actually try it on, I get one of these results: 
a) it doesn't fit my head.
b) it barely fits my head but I can see my veins popping out of my forehead.
c) it fits my head but becuase of my ROUND face, my head looks even more HUMONGOUS.

This is one of the few hats that actually did not fit my head properly but I bought it anyway.

I was actually wearing this huge shrug on top of my sweater but I decided to take some pictures without it. I love this shrug firstly, because I found this on sale and secondly, because its warm and comfortable. I tried to keep it simple with my outfit but my feet was asking for some attention so I decided to wear my leopard print wedge booties from Jessica Buurman.

Hat: Forever21/ Shrug & Leggings: Cotton On/ Bag: Thailand/ Sweater & Belt: Stolen from Mom/
Shoe: Jessica Buurman

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Carpark Crisis!

Today was just not my day. I was too lazy and cold in the morning that I decided to drive to Uni. I reached there to find out that there were no parking.. not even one for my tiny little blue car. Thought I would park it in the 2wheeler park and buy two tickets to make up for it. But then, didn't want to take the risk of getting a fine. Can get a dress with that much money... A DRESS... 
A NEW DRESS!!!!!.....  

Anywhoo, new semester started and I need to buy textbooks. The sad thing is that each one cost a little over hundred dollars.Now this is where the rational disision making thing in my brain starts ranting.. and my brain is all like:

What do you lovelies think I should do? 

Aviator Jacket: Cotton On/ Skirt: Valley Girl/ Bag: Mulberry/ Boots: Shop in Thimphu.