Thursday, 24 July 2014

Baby Girl

Summer means two things for me: dresses and ice-creams. Since the winter here is brutally cold, the moment summer arrives, I take out all my flowy summer dresses and wear all of them till the point I start seeing goosebumps on my arms due the cold chills. For us girls, I love how we have a major advantage when it comes to fighting the harsh hot summer temperatures, the looser the dress the better. This summer for me is all about mix matching skirts with crop tops or bandeau tops. Even though there's not of a mix and match in this outfit, I like how it's simple with a little bit of chic. 

Whole outfit: Thailand/ Sunnies & Shoes: Jessica Buurman

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bright And Bold

Putting on a few pounds and trying out old clothes that were big before never felt this good. For a person who had a difficult time putting on any weight, I'm really enjoying this. I feel like I haven't shopped in ages so when one of your old clothes lying behind in your closet fits perfect, it feels like heaven. This is one of those clothes; the skirt especially was way too big and I have no idea why I bought it before but now I'm loving it because this is actually perfect for the summer right now.. Bright and Bold. 

Blazer, Skirt & Bandeau: Thailand/ Shoes & Clutch: Jessica Buurman/ Earrings: Forever21/ 
Watch: Casio