Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Eye On Glitter

This past month without my boy has been hard especially when its time to take pictures for my outfit posts. He used to take all my pictures and without him, I feel so hopeless. Now I have my baby sister who takes pictures for me. Sometimes she does a good job and I love her for helping me out but most of the time, its a little hard for her since the camera is too heavy for her so she keeps shaking. This explains the blurry pictures :)

Anyhow, this shoes was one of the items I came across while walking around in one of the night markets here. I actually thought it was all covered in glitter and fell in love with the effect but when I looked up close, its actually wrapped with a shiny cloth. I didn't really like it at first but I tried it on anyway to see how it looked and to my surprise it actually looked pretty good by that I mean expensive. I'm not really a big fan of these type of pointy shoes since I feel that it makes my manly feet look extremely huge but I bought it anyway since I was getting a great deal on it. The Celine bag is actaully a christmas gift from my Mom which I love. Even though we don't celebrate christmas, I love getting presents. Who doesn't right?

So what presents did you lovelies get from your loved ones?

Jumpsuit: Asos/ Shoes, Belt & Bracelet: Thailand/ Bag: Celine/ Ring: YSL Arty Ring

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Gold On Tulle

This is what I wore a few days back but I hadn't had the time to put it up. Lately like I said in my previous post, I've come across so many open markets and finding something I love there is always nice. This tulle skirt was one of the items I found lying on the rack and I almost missed it. It was actually my little sister who saw it. She always seem to have her eyes out for anything pink so when we passed by the rack, she was the one who stopped me and showed me the skirt. And the best thing about the skirt is that I got it for 50 baht which is less that $2. Amazing isn't it? The shoes I've had them for the longest time and its been so long since I last wore them. So decided that I should give my JCs a break and start wearing my old shoes.

 Anyway, I hope you lovelies have a wonderful christmas :) 

Top: Cotton On/ Skirt, Shoes & Bracelet: Thailand/ Bag: Coach/ Necklace: eQuip/ Watch: Gucci/ 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dots On Dots

Lately I have been very busy even though I have all my outfit pictures taken and ready to be put up, I just haven't gotten any time to put up a post. That's the reason why I've been a bit behind on my posts. All I've been up to is running from one hospital to another and in-between of-course shopping. Just walking around in our free time, we (as in my mom and me) have discovered so many open markets and I got really cute items for so less which I can't wait to show you lovelies :)

Anyway about this outfit, I bought the top and pants from here before I left for Hong Kong. To think about it, I think these are one of the first polka dots items I've owned. I love polka dots on clothes but its not something I would wear so thought I might try something new. The shoes I got them on sale from ASOS and took a big risk in buying them. I didn't know how high they were and if it would be comfortable but in the end, I'm glad I did get them because the quality is pretty good and its comfortable.

Top, Pants & Necklace: Thailand/ Shoes: Asos/ Clutch: Hong Kong/ Watch: Gucci

Monday, 19 December 2011

Night With Elvis

In my previous post, I had mentioned about my beautiful mom's 40th birthday that we celebrated on a cruise ship. Here are some more pictures taken that day. Her birthday started with us pretending to have forgotten about it and when she had gone to bed, we woke her up at midnight with a cake, some flowers and a video of the chipmunks singing happy birthday. We stayed up a few hours after just dancing and taking pictures. Later that day, we had again surprised her with a candle light dinner on a cruise ship which was the best experience since it was the first time for all of us. We watched people perform while we ate and had asked the singer to do a special performance for mom by singing happy birthday which she did and the staff there also got her a tiny cake. It was funny to see my mom's reaction since she was shocked and embarrassed. Elvis with his amazing voice also performed for us. Overall, one of the best night of my life so far and a night that will be remembered forever :)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sequins And Fur

December 12th was my mom's birthday and since she was turning the big 40, we decided to do something really special for her. We surprised her and took her for a candle light dinner on a cruise ship.  It was one of the best night of my life so far. I'll be posting more pictures on my next post :) 

Right now, a quick post on what I wore that night, my broze sequins top that I bought here in Thailand which has become my absolute favorite with my high waisted leather shorts. I'd been looking for the perfect leather shorts and after looking through almost every store, online or retail, I gave up. But while in Hong Kong, I decided to go to H&M to see the Versace for H&M collection. I actually wanted to get the Versace leather jacket that I saw online but either that store didn't have it or it was sold out because I couldn't find it. However, I did come across this leather shorts and it was perfect. Just what I was looking for. 

Top & Belt: Thailand/ Shorts: H&M/ Coat & Clutch: Hong Kong/ Ring: YS:/ Watch: Gucci/ 
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Litas