Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes everywhere!!!

3 new shoes from Jessica Buurman
Even though I recieved the shoes about a month ago, I only got to try them this week. So it was 1 long month of waiting to wear them. So this post is less about my rants and more on the new shoes.... YAAAYYYY!!!

I'm a little disappointed at the moment that I won't be able to wear these shoes since the weather here has been very depressing. Its ice cold freezing and the pouring rain makes it even worse.

The shoes however are among the most comfortable shoes I've worn. And the quality is pretty damn good. The shoe below Jeeper is inspired by Prada. At first when I saw this shoe, I was not too sure about its height and look. But after I put them on, the height actually worked to my advantage, making me look tall, which is very helpful for a certain 5 foot 4 inch blogger whose younger siblings are taller and still getting taller. 
To make my day even brighter, the shoes easily matched with a lot of my pretty little dresses.

Jeeper (Inspired by Prada)

 Mika (Inspired by JC Foxy)

Now about this last shoe; the only word I can think of when looking at them is SEXY. 
Here are the top three reasons why I love this pair:

1. for a shoe that high they are super uber comfortable
2. the leopard print - thats always a win for me
3. Awesomeness :)
If you ladies are planning on getting any one of these shoes, I would recommend getting them from Jessica Buurman. The prices are affordable and they come with free shipping. Saving a few bucks on shoes usually means a new dress to go with it. 
MUAHAHAHA (evil laugh).......

BTW, the 5% discount offer is still on when you purchase any shoe from Jessica B and use the code at the checkout.

PS: Jessica B is having a Free Shoe Giveaway Competition on her Facebook page.
All you have to do is invite your friends and family to "LIKE" her page " for shoes" and ask them to post up your name on their wall for the chance to win a pair of shoes in your choice from

Competition ends July 31st.


  1. Love them *
    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *

  2. OMG I love them *-*

  3. Love the shoes! A great affordable alternative to the Prada ones!


  4. I loved the shoes! The first is so fashion! haha



  5. Ohhh my.... this last shoe is soooo beautiful! Im soooooo in love!!!!
    and the first one too.
    love them all.
    warm kisses from Brazil. ;)
    xoxo, Bruna.

  6. ooo..
    i love them...all......
    and i need 'em all..