Thursday, 21 July 2011

Skulls and Leopards

You know those days when you just don't feel like dressing up and feeling pretty is just not in the to-do list. Yes! I was going through that moment when I found out it was also a bad hair day. And thats when the hat comes into play :)

Me and Hats don't get along. I think its because of my extremely HUGE head which holds my small semi-huge brain. Every time I see someone with a really cute bowler hat or even a knitted beanie, I feel like getting one too. And when I actually try it on, I get one of these results: 
a) it doesn't fit my head.
b) it barely fits my head but I can see my veins popping out of my forehead.
c) it fits my head but becuase of my ROUND face, my head looks even more HUMONGOUS.

This is one of the few hats that actually did not fit my head properly but I bought it anyway.

I was actually wearing this huge shrug on top of my sweater but I decided to take some pictures without it. I love this shrug firstly, because I found this on sale and secondly, because its warm and comfortable. I tried to keep it simple with my outfit but my feet was asking for some attention so I decided to wear my leopard print wedge booties from Jessica Buurman.

Hat: Forever21/ Shrug & Leggings: Cotton On/ Bag: Thailand/ Sweater & Belt: Stolen from Mom/
Shoe: Jessica Buurman


  1. I think you look great with the hat!
    And the leopard shoes are awesome

  2. i am in love with your shoes! xx

  3. You look great. Follow will be great.

    kisses, Klaudia B.

  4. love love love your shoes, and of course i love to follow you too! xoxo

  5. thanks for your comment in my blog!
    you have a beautiful blog and I follow you!
    I hope you will follow me!

  6. Love your leather(look) pants!
    Thank you for your lovely comment and for following me, dear! Follow you back now!


  7. Those shoes are killer! I would probably break an ankle if I tried walking in them haha

    All the best, Angel

  8. I love your style dear! Followed you, please visit mine too? <3


  9. I think this hat looks great on you! and I'm highly jealous of your ability to pull off those pants

  10. OH MY's great cool and oooh can't take a breath

  11. Gorgeous outfits! Loving those booties and your leggings!

    fleeting moments

  12. love your outfit! the shoes are fierce!!

  13. Great outfit. I love the shoes :] And I have the same problem with hats. I have a round face and with most hats I try out, it makes my face look even rounder and sometimes bigger :/
    And thanks for commenting.

  14. Hi, yes we can follow each other, on the end of my blog posts say the ways to follow me then let me know where to follow you!