Friday, 8 July 2011

Back in the Southern Hemisphere..

I'm finally back in the great OZ-Land.. and all I can scream out every second is that its ffff-ying cold. I'm freezing out here... already missing the warm sunny weather from back home. At the moment while writing this post, I'm wearing my thermals, a big jacket, wrapped myself in a blanket while drinking hot tea next to my heater... yes! thats how I roll :)

These pictures were taken during my last days in Bangkok and I must say, the outfit I'm wearing is by far my favorite of all time. I bought both the blazer and the shorts from tiny store in the mall in Bangkok and got a great deal for it. I love the lace detail on the blazer and the leopard printed shorts, what more can I say.. its the leopard prints that I fell in love with.

Look out for my next post becuase I'll be showing off my new awesome shoes from Jessica Buurman!!


  1. I'm jealous because of your litas!!! :))
    Great outfit, I like it. I like this jacket :*

  2. Nice outfit, I don' t like at all the bag but the other things are AMAZING ;)

  3. Fantastic outfit,beautiful, I invite you to visit my blog and follow me if you like, kisses, RA

  4. Beautiful!!! you look very chic!!
    Thanks for visiting