Thursday, 15 September 2011

Spell check for name...

This post was suppose to be posted yesterday but apparently, there was a network outage in the area I live in so my internet just stopped working. I had to be the one to talk to the service providers because none of my housemates were home. After being here for 3 years I still have a hard time understanding the Australian accent so communicating was a bit comical. To start things off the lady on the other end of the line couldn't get my name. After repeating it a few times I decided to spell it out so this is how it went:  "K for King, E for Egg...A for Apple" and guess what, I ended up spelling my name wrong... which made me feel so stupid.

Even after all that, the internet still didn't get fixed.. she didn't know what was wrong and just told me to keep checking it from time to time. Its finally working (obvious!) and I'm really glad. Being without the internet for about 21 hours felt so weird. It made me realize that I probably won't be able to live without the internet. Bit extreme, but probably true... WOW!!~

Jumper: Supre/ Skirt: Cotton On/ Shirt and Bag: Thailand/ Boots: Bhutan/ Sunnie: Ray Ban Wayfarer/
Casio Watch: Monkeyswag/ Accessories: eQUIP


  1. Like your sweater!

  2. nice photographs though..:)..we are not used to telling our names that way, it happens...sometimes...

  3. Linda!! Amazing outfit. Love this ~.~


  4. omg you look AMAZING! everything about thesee outfit is perfect!
    this is my fav of all your posts yet!


  5. This outfit is just so lovely! I like the muted colours. I really like your skirt and absolutely love your necklace. And yeah, though it's a little trivial, but I don't think I can survive without internet lol I remember spending so much money for prepaid internet when I was in Aussie gosh... makes me wonder: I did fine before when the internet wasn't a necessity, how did I become so dependent to it?


    A Single Girl's Musings

  6. Cute outfit, awesome booties!

  7. I love your outfit!!!

  8. Great necklace!

    ♥ sécia

  9. amazing look, I like your blog so much. your collection of shoes is wonderful, follow you and hope you follow me back

  10. cool outfit!

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