Sunday, 25 September 2011

Luv and Sparkles

Before I jump into bed, I wanted to show you lovelies what I have been upto yesterday. a friend of mine's sister came down to visit us from Melbourne so we've just been busy showing her around. Even though it was a bit chilly, the weather decided to behave for once. We took her to Salamanca "the Saturday market" which I think I mentioned before. We decided to get some breakfast there and then walk over to the Peace Festival that was happening near the wharf area. The festival was a small international gathering which showcased different dances from other parts of the world. Stalls were also set up serving various cuisines. 
To end with, the absence of smoke detectors in our house allowed us to play with sparkles which was quite fun. We attempted to write something nice but since we ran out of sparkles, "luv" was the only three letter word that came to our minds. 

I hope you lovelies had an awesome weekend!


  1. Great photos :) Looking adorable as always!


  2. Amazing pictures. Love this ~.~


  3. Lovely pics. The sparkling LUV is very creative :)

  4. what a fantastic way to show someone around!! looks like you guys had so much fun!!


  5. The pictures are lovely! That Saturday Market looks so much fun :) And haha... I really like that last pic. What a fun day it must've been.


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  6. aw these look like such fun photos!
    i spent all weekend studying so at least its good to know someone out there was having a good time! hah

    jessie x
    the weekend project.

  7. Amazing pictures!

    Thanks for the comment on Fashiolista dear! We're now following your amazing blog! Will you please follow us back :-)?

  8. I like so much your blog. Come and check out out mine.