Thursday, 22 September 2011

Knotting and Running!

These past few days have been really busy for me, trying to finish assignments and staying at Uni till 2am in the morning continuously. I have been practically living at Uni and seem to spend more time here than at home. This week has been the busiest week for this semester and the sun decides to show right when I am stuck in front off a computer 24/7. Its been amazingly warm that I don't remember it being like this for a very long time. Ironic that the weather is nice when I am forced to stay inside with the overwhelming work load.

Anyway, this is the dress that I bought a few weeks ago from Factorie for $4.95. Sweet Deal. This is one of the few maxi-dresses that fits my height. I decided to tie the knot (pun not intended) to give it a bit of "different" look and it doesn't get in the way when I'm running up and down the stairs in the library looking for the right book. Don't quite know how to describe this style. I decided to top it up with my leather jacket from Dotti which I absolutely love. To be honest, I think this is the only quarter-sleeved jacket that I actually wear and love so dearly. The shoes are a gift from Jessica Buurman, its on sale at the moment so you should definitely check her website out!

I finally have an Twitter account but I'm still at the learning/ frustration stage and I don't know why I'm mentioning this. If any of you lovelies what to add me its @RaindropsofRed. I would have put the "follow" tab to make everyone's life much easier but I don't have the intellectual resources to pull through at this stage.

Ummm, bit wordy ain't it?

Leather Jacket: Dotti/ Maxi Dress: Factorie/ Shoes: Jessica Buurman/ Watch: Gucci/ Necklaces: Diva


  1. Really love your dress! Amazing idea :)
    Follow you!

  2. dang!woah!my God empress ur xo on point as in beautiful and way so beautiful.. If ur on facebook add me saidi marvin Chulala or twitter saidiChulala hehe..

  3. Your shoes are once more, divine :) I love the twist you pulled on the maxi, very stylish and truly very convenient for running up and down the stairs. And welcome to twitter! I'm following you there as well.


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  4. Linda! Love the "New" dress..very cute. Kisses from Brazil ~.~


  5. I love how you tied a knot in your dress. It mixes it up a bit, especially as the dress is a dark colour!
    Following you on Twitter!


  6. What a creative way to play up a plain dress, the knot totally looks cute! :D Love love love your wedges <3 <3


  7. aah school is so intense...but it will be worth it, at least you look cute!
    love the dress and how you knotted it at the bottom....and the leather jacket it so casual chic!! cute wedges too!


  8. Great leather jacket!


  9. Lovely ;) I like your blog and if you want, we can follow each other ;)

  10. Hi dear. Thank you for visited my blog. You have great and wonderful blog. This post is so amazing and very inspiring me! Good pics! ;) And i've followed yours!

  11. What an awesome dress! Super creative what you did there with the knot. Sweet outfit. Take care!

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  12. What am amazing outfit! love the jacket and shoes - swoon!

  13. I absolutely adore this outfit :)
    Especially your shoes and dress !
    Btw , thanks for looking at my blog.

  14. this look is fab!! :)


  15. Love your outfit :)
    Following your blog,follow mine back

  16. WAUW !

    I love this outfit, stunning!

    Thanks for following back.


  17. ABSOLUTELY love this look.the knot is so stylish Xx

  18. You´re always so perfect! Love these. :)
    Can I ask you how did you get such big images on your blog?:) Because I don´t know how to make it..
    I´ll be really very happy if you can help me :)

  19. creative look! Xo

    Let's follow each other!