Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sunshine makes me Smile!

After five days of continues rain, its finally sunny today. I had to go to Uni to finish up some work before my break this coming week. I can’t wait since I'll be traveling up north to Launceston to meet my dearest friend!!! 
Today I planned to walk since it was such a beautiful day. The shoes I wore was perfect, not so high and ooh so comfortable :) So here is my first style post. Hope you like it.

Everything I'm wearing are my greatest finds from Thailand except for the watch which is Gucci, a gift from my Mom. I don't really believe in brands. I think fashion is about style not labels.

Anyway, I love the bag, I found this one in a open market for just 800Bht which is $25AUD. Super excited when I found it, I love it when I find awesome stuff with great deals. 
Don't you?


  1. luv your blog, so i followed, and thx for droping by my blog and comment, follow me back okay~~~~^_^ thx a bunch in advance

  2. You are so beautiful and have great your bag.