Friday, 22 April 2011

Maple Leaves and Marshmellows

The thing about me is that I am a not much of an outdoor person. I rather stay at home in front of my laptop than go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air. But then again, shopping is a different matter as I can walk the whole day, just like most of you girls out there.
Anyway, today I don’t know what was wrong with me but I just felt like going out for a walk. All I can say is that it was worth it. We went to a park near by and I can’t believe that it was only my second time to this park. It was so beautiful…
Even though it looks bright and nice in the pictures it was very cold. Since the main item for this blog was my Beatles T-shirt, I had to take off my jacket and put on a brave face.
The cold weather made me crave for a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. We walked down a nearby café to get some of the good stuff :)

PS. Its been so long since I have worn jeans and I found it rather uncomfortable but I did try to attempt to climb a tree (even though I was unsuccessful). 
Btw, the hot chocolate was soooooo delicious. 


  1. Lovely post! Those pictures are pretty!
    Monique xx

  2. that hot chocolate looks scrumptious! and your necklace is beautiful!

    sorelle in style

  3. The pictures are lovley!! It's nice to go out once in a while.

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  5. great blog and pics. the place you are look pretty.

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    Lydz xX

  6. You look very natural here, lovely pictures! xxx

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  8. great post!

    lovely pictures...

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