Friday, 15 April 2011

Eyelash Crazy!

I have always wanted thick eyelashes and when I got my permanent eyelash done a year back in Thailand, I promised I would never do it again. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. It was suppose to last for 3 months, which was fine but I wasn’t told that when it falls off, it pulls my actual eyelash with it. Towards the end my eyes were bald.
I’ve looked and tired several mascaras that help enhance your lashes and make it healthier, it hasn't given me the perfect result like I wanted.

My mom introduced me to false eyelashes a few months back and I haven’t stopped wearing them. I am not talking about the ones pictured here. Those are a bit too much for everyday wear.
The first time with the false eyelashes were painful and awkward. May be that’s because I didn’t know how to put it on properly. My eyes kept watering and I just had to take them off. I couldn't last for a minute or so. 
So once when I had nothing to do back home, I decided to sit in front of the mirror and practice. It took me one whole week to get used to them. Now I cannot leave the house without wearing them :)
Oh! and have you heard of fake eyelashes made using the legs of dead flies. An UK artist, Jessica Harrison came up with this bizarre art project and called it “Flylashes” (pictured below).
What do you think?


  1. wow, really different, I wouldn't have the courage to do something like this! hahaha kisses

  2. I wish i was brave enough to wear eyelashes like this! Wow! fly legs?? its bad enough seeing dead flies let alone having them on your eye lashes!!

    Great post!
    Sparks and Fireworks

  3. the spider thing kind of scares me :/ haha. but sometimes i'll wear simple false eyelashes for a special event if i want to go extra glam!

  4. The feathers are beautiful but the legs are way creepy!


  5. wow these eyelash are just stunning. espcially the blue ones.