Sunday, 17 April 2011

First time for everything???

This white high waisted shorts has been lying in my wardrobe for quite some time now. I remember when I first bought it, it was on a mannequin and I remember feeling that I had to buy it. I tried it on and it was a little big for me but I bought it anyway. I haven't worn it since then. The shirt I bought it this Jan because I loved the design on the shoulders. Something you should know about me- I never wear shirts. I don't know why, maybe its because I don't look good in it. The collars have always bothered me I guess. Anyhow, I woke up this morning and without even thinking just put on the two with my cute bow chunky heels. And now I don't mind it that much. I'm thinking of doing this more often.

I hope all you beautiful ladies had an awesome weekend. I sure did even though I was mostly hitting the books, it was sunny the whole weekend and that just changes everything!


  1. Cute Blog.
    Would love if you visit


  2. love yu shirt! and nice blog, following you! follow back?

  3. I Looove that blouse! I don;t wear them often either but I would make an exception for that one! The shorts look really cute on you too!

    Lindsey Turner

  4. your blouse is perfect!!!love it

  5. HYPE for your style, loving your accessories!!!