Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Prisons and Poses!

Yesterday we took a trip to Port Arthur where we visited a historic convict site. I was super excited. When we got there, it was perfect. I was so glad that we decided to go there yesterday becuase it was so darn beautiful. The bright blue sunny skies, the fresh green grass and the exquisite architecture.

I'm wearing the shirt I bought the other day which cost me only $3 with my favorite leopard print cardigan and military boots.
The room where the second picture below was taken really blew me away. It had a wall dedicated to all the prisoners. The lighting in the wall and the way the pictures were arranged was really cool.  

I've seen amazing pictures taken in mid-air and I wanted to try one myself which as you can see, I skill-fully failed. And ended up wasting my jump energy for this year (darn it!).

Came across this beautiful fountain and HAD to pose!

 Have you been to any amazing sites lately?


  1. wow I loved your look! I've been to Fortaleza - Brazil, you can't imagine how many beatiful sites are there! kisses

  2. lovely pictures!! I'm following your blog;) xxx

  3. Gorgeous!Love the cardi and the boots!Your hair looks perfect!xoxo

  4. Cute pictures! love the whole look :) thanks for your lovely comment :) Following you now, hope you can follow me too :)


  5. What a great day for an outing. And that place doesn't look like a prison at all. Great pics, love your animal print top.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  6. Love the pics...u guys seems to had a lot of fun:)OMG ur such a typical petit asian girl this a compliment:)..and Im more like chubby hihihi;)

  7. Lovely picks!
    Fallowing on blog and here !!

  8. nice pics, looks like a lot of fun!!! thanks for the comment, like your blog, following now, if you could follow back, that will be great:))

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  9. nice pictures! love color of ur nails ;-)

  10. Found them! These boots are very nice as well, but I very much like Ke$ha's way of wearing them, and the fact that they're heavily distressed.

    Nice blog btw! Wanna follow each other?