Friday, 21 September 2012

Silver On White

A day before my birthday, it was these studed louboutin inspired pumps that I received from Jessica Buurman. These pumps are available in different colors and even though I just loved the black with studs, I decided to go with the color white because I don’t own an white pumps. And I'm glad I went with these because these are just awesome. Yes, the height of the heel are little higher than my other  pumps that I own but I found these to be more comfortable compared to those. If you lovelies are interested  please head over to :)


  1. Oh those a so pretty! It's my Birthday tomorrow too!
    Hope you have a lovely day ^^
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  2. happy birthday!
    i love these peeptoes!!!!!

  3. Love love love them ! Louboutin look alike :)

  4. great shoes.