Sunday, 29 January 2012

Metallic Winter

My first outfit post since I've been home. It has only been 10 days since I've been here and I want to leave. Its been getting colder and colder (at least to me) and the more it gets cold, the more I feel like just staying in bed. I wish I could hibernate for a few months and wake up once the weather gets much warmer. Even though my wardrobe is filled with jackets, I really don't like wearing them. I feel stiff and uncomfy in them especially those big winter jackets. 

This leather jacket is one of the items that I "HAD" to buy in Hong Kong. I misjudged the weather there and dressed up very lightly so I basically froze. I really didn't care how it looked on me then and just wore it. All it mattered was that it kept me warm but don't think its much of a help out here. I wore almost three layers inside and I was still freezing. The hat I just simply love, that is one of my utter most favorite items for winter.. I wear it almost everyday :)

Jacket: Giordano/ Sweater: Thrifted/ Jeans: Thailand/ Bag: Alexander Wang/ Hat: India/
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Everest from RevolveClothing


  1. Hi! I just see a new post from you on my dashboard, so here i am, looking your cool pics! ;)
    I really love your wedges! So so so cute! And your bag is just pretty! <3


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  2. Pretty, I love the leather jacket and shoes. The weather here is always so cold, due to snow any day now! :)

  3. Like your metallic jacket & the Litas!!

  4. omg awesome outfit! i love this look! its a little quirky with that hat, but still totally chic and stylish! seriously gorgeous!


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  6. I love your blog!

    You look fantastic ;)
    Klaudia B.