Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Its Black, Its White!

My nightwalks had been in their boxes for quite sometime now and I felt bad that I hadn't been wearing them at all so yesterday after making a case with my Mom who was so worried that I might just fall and break my ankle, she decided to allow me to wear them. I had to prove to her that I can really walk in them and that they are not as bad as they look. So I did manage to walk in them the whole day but however everywhere we went, I did manage to get a lot of stares and people stopping me to ask how I was able to walk in them.

As for the shorts, I'd been looking for a high waisted sequin shorts for quite some time now and I finally found these in Les Vintage. I'm not that into vintage items but this online store has really great items so I decided to get a few others along with these shorts. The people there at Les Vintage were really helpful with all the questions I had about the sizing and were very kind to offer me free shipping. If you love vintage items, you should definitely check out this store.  

Top & Necklace: Thailand/ Shorts: Les Vintage/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalks/ Bracelet: Aldo/ Watch: Gucci


  1. I am so jealous of you! LOVE THIS ENTIRE OUTFIT X 100. Especially loving those shorts and night walks <3 AMAZING

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  2. And its lovely, I love itttt

    Kisses from leinnerworkings

  3. supercool :)

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  4. I love your shorts and your necklace is gorgeous :)

  5. you look gorgeous :) love ur shorts <3 interesting shoes :D


  6. In love with your shoes!! It still puzzles me how anyone can walk in them though ahah

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  7. i looooooooove the shoes! and your blog is also amazing! Do you wanna follow me back?
    thanks ! xoxo

  8. nice shoes and bottom! love!