Friday, 7 March 2014

Wild Spirit

I don't think I got so many comments than wearing this "puffy"jacket as I call it which actually belongs to my baby sister. Some of these comments include that I look like a sheep or a dog or even a bear. I don't blame any of these people because when I first saw my sister wearing this; I had the same thoughts in my head. I remember saying to myself "I'm never going to wear this" and here I am going against myself in the name of fashion, being a wild spirit that I am (No, I'm not). Jokes apart, this jacket looks really warm and it is.. And it's just perfect for a gloomy cold depressing weather like it was that day.  

Jacket: Hong Kong/ Jeans: Mango/ Top & Bag: Thailand/ Shoes: Dolce Vita/ Sunnies: Just Jeans


  1. Wild spirit is the way to go.. Don't care about the comments, it's warmth that matters..
    And ibthinknu look smart..
    Love your shoes
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    Have a nice day

  2. tha jacket looks super warm
    and love the way you put together this outfit
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  3. Cool post and outfit
    I love your hair
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  4. Great look darling! And beautiful photos!
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  5. Great outfit. Love your shoes and the environment!

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