Thursday, 11 October 2012

Gold Rush

A quick post before I get too lazy and decide to postpone posting this again for tomorrow. It's a same old story for me every time.. Whenever I feel lazy, I've loads of pictures to put up and whenever I'm full of energy and feel like writing a blog post, I just don't have any new pictures. Anyway since I haven't been regular on my blog, I've now decided to do a post everyday until I finish posting up all my new pictures that I have in my laptop. So I hope you lovelies don't get sick of my posts :)

Here I'm wearing my gold pencil skirt that I bought a long time ago but just didn't know what to wear it with. I'm not the type who likes wearing long skirts especially quater length but the reason behind buying this skirt was the material. I just fell in love with the shiny, gold, stretchy material. Anyway, all I can say about this whole outfit is that I don't think I've ever matched my outfit this much in my life.. I like it but at the same time, it feels a lil weird. What do you lovelies think?

Top & Skirt: Thailand/ Shoes: Roberto/ Clutch: Hong Kong/ Earrings & Rings: Gift from Mom