Friday, 12 October 2012

Casual Bulls**t

Something more casual than what I usually wear. This is another pair of my little sister's comfortable jeans from Zara. The top too belongs to her, a perfect example of why it's so awesome to have a little sister whose as tall as you are. I decided to wear my Keds for a change since I had to do alot of walking that day and being comfortable to me is more important than looking fashionable.. not that I don't try to look good while being comfy. Also, I realized the reason why I don't put up many blog posts wearing flats is because I look short in most pictures and I've tried many different angles to make myself look a little taller in the pictures but nothing has worked.. I've come to a conclusion that I am short and there's nothing I can do to change that, lol. Anyway, I think this is my first time talking so much bulls**t in one post :)

Top & Bag: Thailand/ Jeans: Zara/ Shoes: Keds/ Watch: Gucci


  1. cute Jeans, Bag and shoes :)

  2. i am a regular reader of u're blog.. u've got awesome blog i must say... and i love tht shoe,, it's so cute... :)

  3. Nice Outfit :-) love it.