Monday, 26 March 2012

Confused Print

Lately I've shifted my obsession for leopard prints to furry sweaters. Maybe its because of the cold but ever since I bought my purple furry sweater dress as seen here from Hong Kong, I've been trying to find similar ones since those were just too soft and warm to wear. I came across this in Bangkok and without even trying it on, I knew I wanted it. This one is not as long as the purple one but it's a lot thicker and warmer. My family and some friends thought it was a bit crazy for me to be dressing up like this since the weather was a bit gloomy than the usual days. But only I knew how warm I was in my furry sweater :)

Sweater & Bag: Thailand/ Skirt: Supre/ Stockings & Socks: Ebay/ Shoes: Payless Shoes/ Hat: Forever21


  1. Hi!thank for your message!great look!i like your style!fashion girl!i follow!

  2. I loved the top!! really prettY! loved the overall outfit ^_^~

  3. Looove the sweater, and I totally understand the feeling of family watching you all weirded out :D