Sunday, 19 June 2011

The power of Green!

So the day before my family decided to spent the day at this park. It was actually my baby sister and little cousin who wanted to go play at the park. 
I've driven through this park a lot of times but have never been to it. My mom and me were pretty impressed since its was our first time. The park was lovely, you could walk around the park next to a river and there were little gazebos where you could sit and have small picnics.

This day was actually perfect...the warmth from the sun and the cool breeze from the riverside.

I think that wearing dresses esp. maxi dresses can be a lil too simple since you can't style them with anything except for accessories. But no matter how much I love accessories, I can never wear a lot of it all together. Its weird but I'm never comfortable wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings all together. For me its more like if I end of wearing necklaces and bracelets, I keep it simple with the earrings and the rings...

Here I tried to keep it a bit simple by just accessorizing the dress with just the arm bracelet. I think the color of dress was more than enough and didn't want to look "too much" by wearing a bold accessories. 


  1. cute. love that arm bracelet!(is there a proper term for that?) haha

    xo//andrea marie

  2. Beautiful dress!Looks great on you!xoxo

  3. I like your bracelet, it's amazing!

    Bloggy Betty ♥♥

  4. Beautiful dress! It's just so alive & very cute for Summer time, but yet so sophisticated (:

    Wow, your hair is stunning! o:
    Wish I had hair like that ^^ :D

  5. Gorgeous dress! Although, it would be freezing at the moment, wouldn't it!?
    You look gorgeous - I can see a tattoo! :D


  6. smart move on the accessories. :) better to tone it down than to be all over the place right? love the green - it's my favorite color. nice shots too! :)

    hope you could visit my blog sometime. :) thanks!

  7. gorgeous look.
    loved the bag, very beautiful *-*
    kisses ♥

  8. i love this look :)
    esp i love your lace shoes <3
    so adorable :D


  9. love the shirt that you're wearing! <3

  10. You look stunning and the dress is beautiful :)