Friday, 3 June 2011

Black and White

After finishing my final project for this semester and turning it in at 4.30 this morning... I felt so free the whole day. Even though I had to wake up early to drop my baby sister to school then drop her lunch later on and then pick her up from school. It didn't seem as busy as usual becuase at the end of the day, I knew that I didn't have to work on my paper. I can finally say that "I"M DONE!"

Anyway, the pictures here were taken at "Buddha Point". I love this place because you can see the whole of Thimphu, my hometown. 
I'm wearing a high-waist shorts, top from factorie, stockings from ebay and my mom's vintage givenchy bag.


  1. I know the feeling of finishing homework or exames!
    Anyway lovely outfit ^___^ so lucky to
    see this background view! The Givency bag = <3


  2. Well done on finishing your final paper! I still have all of that to look forward to when I start university in September, but I know the feeling of getting everything done on time well. Love your top too, it's really nice and the view is lovely! xxx

  3. Well done on your final paper, hope you get a great mark for it! :]
    I literally am in love with the feeling that these 1 1/2 months of school are going to basically be care free <3-Then Summer holidays; Can't wait!!

    I am in love with those shorts and the bag is gorgeous! <333 Ps; The view is lovely.

  4. Pps; ^^ Sorry!

  5. You look so good in the pictures!
    And Thimpu is beautiful.

  6. This is a beautiful look, and I adore the stockings! Congrats on finishing your final project!