Saturday, 25 June 2011

Notice the Message...

Have been wearing dresses and shorts since I've left Australia and I loved every bit of it. 
But yesterday, was in the mood to wear either leggings or jeans. The leggings I'm wearing is one of my favorite becuase of the color, the print and mostly because its comfy. I think I've worn it so many times that my mom always asks me to wear something else. 

Since there is nothing much to do around here and the Summer Basketball Tournament is the only "big" thing happening. I went to watch some of the games but was bored half way through. Somehow, maybe, its becuase its just the qualifying round and the teams weren't that great. 

PS: Say no to drugs and don't litter!!


  1. I love you leggings, the print is just gorgeous for Summer time! <3
    I want to buy some leggings like that, because I have noticed patterns are really 'in' right now (:

    I love your whole outfit choice! <33
    This was a while ago, but please check it out ^^

  2. im really not fond of printed leggings but this looks good on you girl. :)

  3. Yes, no drugs & litter!
    Love the punky outfit girl ^___^
    The legging is really nice!


  4. Love the leggings! I don't think I can rock these but you definitely look good in it. :) xx

  5. I really loves your look! Amzing shoes and leggings!


  6. looks beautiful! Follow me! =)
    I love your leggings

  7. Your pink printed leggings look so cute! <3 reminds of O.P.I. shatter nail polish :D Love the bold & punky feel of the outfit! ;D


  8. Nice outfit :)

    New post-outfit on: