Tuesday, 3 July 2012

First Time For Everything...

Just a quick post before I get in bed. These days I've been so lazy and the weather here isn't helping one  bit. It's really hot during the day which I actually prefer but then I'm usually at the office and when it's time for me to home, it gets all gloomy and rainy making me feel like jumping in bed and doing nothing at all. 

Anyway, that was one of the few days that it didn't rain after I got home from work so I took this opportunity to do a quick photo shoot. I'm not usually the type who wears long skirts. I guess it's because it makes me look even shorter. This one I bought a long time ago because I just fell in love with the flowery prints but never wore it since I didn't know how to put it together. It was a bit chilly that day so I decided to wear my knits from Dotti and I think the knits went quite well with the skirt. To keep it with the flow of the similar color shade, I wore my loafer mary-jane heels from Wittner for the first time. I love these heels but I have no idea why I hadn't worn them before. 

Sweater: Dotti/ Skirt: Thailand/ Shoes: Wittner Shoes/ Belt: Valleygirl/ Bag: Chanel/ Necklace: eQuip


  1. I hate it when the weather is all gloomy like that! I just want to get in bed, curl up with my cat and watch a movie haha

    I adore that skirt, it is perfect! The floral print is so sweet :)



  2. omg wow this outfit is amazing! your like the master of mixing prints! great styling!


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  3. I have the same issues with long skirts. Ha! Amazing shoes. :D

  4. I adore wearing a long skirt and for the same reason like you, wearing skirt is my fantasy. But I love the dare of wearing it and posting in your blog and sharing with us. You look amazing~
    I love your Sweat Shirt.