Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fur And Spikes

I know I haven't been putting up posts that often and the weather out here is not really helping either. I hate winter and I'm the type of person that gets colds no matter how many layers I wear so instead of trying to keep myself warm by putting on layers and going out, I rather just stay home and be warm.

But today, I decided it was about time I went out of the house and the weather was one of the worst its ever been. It was gloomy and raining all day but somehow that didn't stop me (weird!!). I wore my jacket which to tell you the truth, I have no idea whether its real fur or faux fur. Not a big of fur but this one I found it in some vintage store and fell in love with it. It came along with an awesome price tag too so why not right?

Jacket: Vintage/ Jeans, Necklace & Earrings: Thailand/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Spike/ Bag: Celine/
Ring: YSL


  1. I hope it's a faux fur! You look great ^^ very warm and comfy looking!
    That blue ring is really eyecathing!


  2. I adore those spiky shoes! Your fur coat looks so cozy & soft, like a cloud! ;)

  3. love your fur coat, it's gorgeous, and thoese shoes, way too cool!!!

  4. Loving each and every piece in this look...You look so FAB !!

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  5. damn! those are some fierce spikes no doubt! but love 'em!

  6. Oh God I love your studded clogs !!! :D