Thursday, 15 May 2014

Mix It Up!

Lately I have no idea what has gotten into me but I have been feeling like mixing it up; the colors and the prints in my outfits. To be honest it's quite a headache for me to do so since I don't think so much on what to wear and when I do think my eyes seem to always go to all the black items in my closet. My usual routine includes picking up what I see or like and wear; if I like, I wear and if I don't, I change. I guess that's what everyone does. For this outfit, I actually thought about it a lot and the weird part is that even though I thought, after wearing it I didn't think about whether it looked nice or not. I'm not sure if that makes sense to you lovelies....????

Sweater: Hong Kong/ Skirt: Valleygirl/ Shoes & Sunnies: Jessica Buurman/ Watch: Chanel/
Necklace: Thailand



  1. beautiful outfit!! The skirt and boots are awesome!! Kisses

  2. I think not panning it thinking much about the pairing and patters is the key to what makes your outfits stand out.
    Such fun pairing, loved those sunnies and boots
    Keep in touch

  3. Very nice look!! Love the red color, would you like to ow each other?
    a beautiful maison

  4. These shoes are amezing! Love your sunnies too! Mind checking out my blog? xx