Saturday, 25 August 2012

Back On Track

It's been a long time since my last outfit post because this month has just been so busy for me. Something or the other always came up. First the orientation and then right after that, I was sick in bed. Anyway, now everything seems to be back to normal, I'm feeling a lot better and I've got some time for myself. The weather is starting to get a little chilly these days so I've been trying to wear as much of my summer clothes as possible before winter strikes :) 

Jacket: Valleygirl/ Bralet & Skirt: Thailand/ Shoes: CPS Chaps Thailand/ Ring: YSL/ Watch: Gucci/ Necklace: Mom's


  1. awesome outfit you put together!

  2. That jacket is DIVINE. want it! :)

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  3. LOVELY!

    I already follow your blog, follow mine please

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