Thursday, 12 May 2011

Candy Nails

Its finally been one month since I first started this blog and I want to take this time to thank all you beautiful ladies who are kind enough to follow me. I can't believe I have over 100 followers and it is definitely more than what I expected to have.

Thank you for all the sweet comments.
I'm looking forward to writing more posts and reading yours as well.

Since I have a big HUGE paper due in 2 weeks time, I've been stuck in my room in front of my laptop every day from morning to night. And the weather is making it worse since its been pouring continuously and freezing cold which makes me feel like jumping back to bed. 

Taking a break from my work, I got a chance to paint my nails which took seriously really long. The right hand was the worse because I got the nail polish all over my fingers. My left hand just couldn't stop shaking. Its not all great but these are the only colors I have so tried to make the best of it :)  

P.S: I'm planning to have a GIVEAWAY soon. 

P.S.S: I just started a Facebook Page so please "Like" it if you like it... :)


  1. I love those nails!!

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    Have a beautiful fashionable day
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  2. Hi gorgeous,
    Those nails look fab!
    Definitely following your blog :)


  3. Cute nails, i loved the colors:)

  4. Love the colors and the design, so creative!!


  5. love the colors.
    thanks for the sweet coment in my blog!!!
    hope u follow me back!!!
    im new at this, so it means a lot!! ;)
    kisses from brazillll.

  6. the nails are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nice colors mix!!


  8. great blog!

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  9. aww i love your litas!! i love jeffrey campbell shoes!! following you already :D

  10. wow, congrats, you had a great blog!!! those nail colors are so nice, very creative!!

  11. I like this nails! I might just try it later :D followed you already ;) interesting blog you got!

  12. Wow. GREAT NAILS! ♥
    IT IS PERFECT!! :)

    Very nice blog. :)

  13. I loved your blog! :)
    the color of your enamel is beautiful
    I'm following you. follow me too?

    kisses (:

  14. WOW colorblocked nails!!!! Amazing!!! I wish i had longer nails but I can never seem to grow them.

  15. oh my gosh those nails are THE BEST.
    they remind me of those icy-poles, i've totally forgotten what they're called.
    but point is, your nails look so yum. HAHA